About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 1928, RRC International (previously The Rapid Results College Ltd) has helped millions of individuals all over the world achieve professional, educational and vocational qualifications.

Over more than 80 years, we have incorporated many technological advances into our courses, with the advancement of digital media, distance learning and e-Learning have become one of our largest selling training delivery methods in 2014, and have quickly expanded our quality training methods to a worldwide audience. But after all this time we are still basically doing the same thing – delivering excellence so that our customers get the very best support and service from our course advisors.

Over the years RRC has delivered many different courses – banking, A-levels and accountancy to name but a few. Today, RRC is the leading UK-based international provider of health, safety, environmental and quality management training. The expertise in HSE developed over the last 25 years of our history also allows us to work with organisations, providing consultancy services and innovative bespoke training solutions that really make a difference to our customers HSE performance.

We are committed to offering our clients the very best training experience including:

  • Expert consultants/trainers – delivering the best training and consultancy you can get.
  • Customer focused support – ensuring our customers feel supported and looked after.
  • Educational expertise – ensuring our courses are up to date and continually improved.
  • Committed management – with a commitment to quality and continual improvement.
  • Customer focused learning models – ensuring our customers can learn in the way that best suits their needs.
  • International focus – with exam centres throughout the world and a growing network of RRC centres and partners.

To find out how RRC Tunisia can help develop your training needs, contact us now.